16 Things for Anyone Who Craves a Well-Organized Home Office

Monitor Message Board Side Panels

“I have been looking for a way to keep my important notes at a glance, this worked perfectly. I have two 17 inch monitors and have one on each. I use the little shelf to hold my post it’s now I am not always looking for them. These are a great way to stay organized, especially for someone with memory issues.” -Amazon Reviewer

4-pc Clear Acrylic Desk Organizer

“OMG, working from home has made me crave a fashionable little office space and this did it! I have a glass desk so the velvet on the bottom is very much appreciated because it won’t scratch my desk! I love this and am very very happy with my purchase! It actually looks better in-person than on the photos. You will not be disappointed!!!!” -Amazon Reviewer

Easy-to-Use Laptop Cleaner

Excellent tool that has really made all the little annoyances of owning a newer MacBook with touchbar go away. The brush is great as clearing away dust, dirt and debris from the keyboard and the screen cleaner really does take care of the finger prints on the screen with ease. I now have 2, one for the office and one for my home office! It’s also great for iPhones, guitars and just about anything else that needs a delicate tool to clean!” -Amazon Reviewer

All-In-One Desk Vault

“This product helped me to organize years’ worth of good intentions – in one afternoon! Cherished mementos, constantly-used essentials, and a brand new roll of stamps — these crucial items and everything else now has a place. The organizational system is so intuitive and flexible. Most importantly, I feel calm and happy now that my most cherished and beloved items are all in one spot, perfectly organized. Genius!” -Amazon Reviewer

Under Desk Drawer

“It is very easy to install under the desk. The extra drawer is good enough for small items such as pens, paper clips, keys, phones, and chargers. So it is super convenient for me purpose. Money worth it.” -Amazon Reviewer

Cord Organizer Box

“These are fantastic!! It’s great that it comes with two, and they are super sturdy, the lid clips in to place to keep kids and pets from getting to the cords. They are also very attractive and the extra cord wraps and organizers are super handy.” -Amazon Reviewer

Bamboo Charging Station

“Despite the simplicity of this object, its actually pretty useful! Since there are so many indents, this charging station can hold up to many phones, tablets, and watches, which makes it a neat way for organization. Another thing is that it’s design allows it to easily get plugged into a charging bank, allowing maximum organization with the wires and such. Highly recommend this to those who want to keep everything neat and organized!” – Amazon Reviewer

Cable Clips

“This are so perfect for organizing charging cords on bedside table. The adhere well and are easy to place cords into. they hold the cords well but allow for them to slide. I was only able to fit one cord per clip but that worked perfect for me. Would purchase again.” -Amazon Reviewer

Bamboo Monitor Stand with Storage

“You better believe it’s damn true!!! What a gorgeous piece of a stand. Smooth and heavy duty. Can handle lots of weight. Best of all, it comes fully assembled. Beautiful contemporary modern style. I love it!” -Amazon Reviewer

Smart Reusable Notebook

“I adore this notebook. I’m an author and prefer to write by hand rather than computer. This notebook gives me the best of both worlds. I can write by hand and have it backed up digitally in multiple locations. I also write with my partner and I can send ideas directly to his email. Brilliant idea and recommend this to everyone.” -Amazon Reviewer

Adjustable Wood Shelf

“Working from home I needed something to organize my work essentials so I didn’t feel like my table was just a mess of stuff. This is better than I expected. It’s cute, it makes access to what I need easier and I’m able to have things organized. Even after I’m able to go back to the office I can see use for this for many things!” -Amazon Reviewer

Waterproof Office Desk Mat

“I use this desk mat for my office and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ! Soft touch leather feel that stays cool and looks great it’s also easy to write on when you’re writing on a single piece of paper; easy to wipe away spills; I would gladly recommend this great looking durable product to anyone” -amazon Reviewer

Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

“My friend is always looking for ways to keep her car clean. Or ways to pick up small messes. This mini vacuum was the perfect gift. I’m so happy it worked well and she was able to enjoy it.” -Amazon Reviewer

5-Piece Magnetic Wall Storage Start Kit

“These things are amazing. Great way to save space in a small area. Very easy installation, did it all by my lonesome with the 3M wall strips (comes in the package). Saw this product at Office Max (store), and on the website. It is definitely less expensive on Amazon (especially with Amazon prime).” -Amazon Reviewer

Accordion Document Holder

“Absolutely love this as opposed to using a binder where the pages would rip from the rings. It is also very light weight to offset all my heavy textbooks I have to carry as a college English major. I used stickers from Target to label the tabs with the course numbers. The very first section that has no tabs is just blank lined paper.” -Amazon Reviewer

Customizable Hidden Storage Book Box

“This is amazing and I LOVE IT!!!! Had made to hide my coffee maker at work. If you’re in a crowded space and want to hide your stuff this is it!!! You cannot tell the books are hiding anything.” -Amazon Reviewer