5 Ways to be Highly Productive in Your Home Office

Spend less time in the home office by getting more done.

Whether you operate a business out of your home or telecommute occasionally, you’ve probably struggled with the many temptations of a home office.  Workopolis found 90% of people surveyed felt that telecommuting makes them more productive plus it also helps with work-life balance. Because of the many benefits including less travel time along with the savings on gas, meals, and clothing; putting in the effort to create a space with systems that work well for you is worth it.

The distractions of being home can be a challenge.  Your time ends up being divided between the work you need to accomplish and all the potential interruptions and housework that may be calling your name. How can your home office be more productive?  I’ve been working at home for years and found these tips to be most helpful.

1. Set Your Office Up for Productivity.

If possible, put your office in a quiet corner of your home with a window for natural light.  Choose decor that you find calming and include some natural greenery.  Make sure you have enough space and keep that space clean and clutter-free.  Invest in a good chair…one that adjusts is extra nice so you can find the settings that are perfect for you.

2. Move.

Move frequently.  Sitting is really hard on our bodies so movement throughout the day is extra important.  You can try a standing desk which is something many people love. Otherwise, some resistance bands or an under-the-desk cycling machine can come in handy.  Take breaks…get up and walk around as well.

3. Take Eye Breaks.

Make this a regular part of your routine.  I can’t stress the value of this enough.  If I spend too much time in front of a screen, I start to get headaches and my eyes get very dry. Cut back on the strain by taking a break from your screen every 20 minutes.  Stare at something 20 yards away for 20 seconds.  They call this the 20-20-20 rule. 

4. Work with Purpose.

Make a list of tasks you need to complete each day.  I like to make mine every day at the end of the day so I’m prepared when I sit down at my desk the next morning.  It’s nice to be able to know what’s in front of me and be able to hit the ground running.  Keep your work and personal time as separate as possible.  When your day at “the office” is done, close that door and walk away.

5.  Get Help.

If you’re struggling with productivity, don’t be afraid to get help.  It’s not easy for a lot of us but systems and support can make all the difference in the world.  There’s a bestselling book called Getting Things Done by David Allen.  This is one of the best books I’ve found for organizing your life.  Hiring a professional organizer or even getting an accountability partner can also be life-changing.