Are Weddings Signs Necessary?

Wedding signs have gained a whole lot of popularity over the years, and for all the good reasons. Wedding signs put your special day on the map.

From the moment guests walk in and see a lovely welcome note to inviting and cheerful bar and food menus that call out to them, wedding signs highlight your auspicious day with warmth and creativity.

How are Wedding Signs Helpful?

Carefully thought-out wedding signs can save the wedding hosts a lot of trouble as far as guiding and communicating with guests is concerned.

Weddings can easily get crowded and chaotic, and being the bride, there’s already a lot on your plate to worry about. Simplify your responsibilities and put up wedding signs that will communicate with your guests at all times, keeping them informed of where they are and what to look forward to.

Here’s a unique and beautiful collection of wedding signs that can not only help your wedding guests but also add to the aesthetic of your decor:

Ceremony Signs

Welcome Greetings

Kick off your special day with a warm welcome to all your loved ones. A welcome sign, as the name suggests, welcomes your guests and confirms that they are at the right location.

Having a welcome sign greet your guests and direct them is a pleasant way to set the tone for the day. Choose from our range of blank acrylic wedding welcome signs that can be customized and embellished with a vibrant and vast palette of colors, patterns, and typographic designs to suit your style.

Events of the Day

When your guests walk through the gates, they want to know what’s in store for them. Surprises are nice but to keep things organized yet fun, it’s always helpful to have up a sign that describes the various events your guests can look forward to.

From the vows to the first dance and from the cocktail hour to cake cutting and speeches, let your guests know what to expect so they don’t miss a moment of your beautiful day.

Have a Seat

Unlike at the reception, wedding ceremonies don’t usually have assigned seating. You can put up a courteous sign to let your guests know that can sit anywhere they like. The traditional way of separating aisles and seats is history.

Come up with a quirky and witty sign to let your guests know they are free to sit wherever they like. Sprinkle some fun around with a humorous wedding sign.

Family Comes First

It’s your wedding, and you want your immediate family members like your grandparents and your parents along with your siblings, friends, and loved ones to get the front row seat.

Hang up a sign for your VIP guests in a polite manner.

It’s a Mobile-Free Zone

When you’re exchanging your vows, you want all the attention on the couple at the altar. This means, no rude ringtones from your guests’ phones interrupting the memorable moment.

Some brides may also want to make sure that no one takes any photos to post on social media because, obviously, you are the bride and you want to be the first person to do it. So no cameras at the ceremony, too.

Make a cordial sign with a friendly note that delivers the message effectively and clearly. For that perfect unplugged ceremony sign, shop at 1801 & Co.

Direction Cues

There’s always so much happening at weddings that it’s often hard to figure out where you are and which way you should be headed. What if your guests are looking for the washroom or the bar or the food counter, and they don’t feel comfortable asking anyone else?

In such situations, a sign to point them in the right direction would be so convenient. Put up direction signage to help your guests find their way around your wedding venue.

Hashtag of the Hour

Wedding hashtags serve as an anchor and a binding agent for all your wedding-related posts and photos. Make sure your guests know what the chosen hashtag for your wedding is. Pick from our hashtag signs to announce your special day to the entire wedding.

Reception Signs

Seating Arrangements

Unlike the wedding ceremony, where one can sit or stand anywhere they want, the reception dons a seating plan. Arrangements are always made beforehand and pre-planned seating charts are the way things are done. So, to keep civil and simple, make sure your seating plan signage is in place.

To mark tables with numbers, use our table signs that will make the process effortless. Our collection of table number signs come with stands that can be easily placed and moved around if needed.

Bar and Food Menus

Let your guests know what’s on the menu. Be it a dessert bar or an exquisite cocktail menu with personalized “His” and “Her” drink concoctions, you want your guests excited about the food.

Our line of bar menu signs and signature cocktail signs add a touch of finesse and poise to your wedding décor.

Dance Your Way to the Floor

Receptions are like post-ceremony parties, filled with music, dance, drinks, and laughter. But first, you want to let your wedding crew know that the bar is officially at play with an open bar sign.

Then, point the way to the dance floor with a witty and funny dance floor sign that’ll get everyone moving on the dance floor!

A Note of Love

Before your guests leave, you want them to share a personal note of love. Invite them to share a few affectionate words for the newlyweds with a guest book table sign near the exit.

You can even have a sign reminding your guests to take their wedding favors before leaving! Place a small note thanking your guests for participating in your celebration and make sure they don’t leave without their goodies.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the signs you might find helpful to use for your special day. Pick the right wedding signs and you’ll really tie in the entire aesthetic of your wedding decor!

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