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Allowable Variance

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1801&Co. Product Variation and Quality Assurance Policy

1. Design and Function Alterations: 1801&Co. retains the right to introduce minor alterations to enhance functionality or aesthetics. Such modifications may encompass slight adjustments to designs that are off-center or modifying spacing to suit hardware or holders.

2. Individual Craftsmanship: Each of our products is meticulously handcrafted to order, making them unique. Given the personalized nature of our products, slight variations are natural. Please note that our permissible cut tolerance stands at 3/16″ inch.

3. Acrylic Production Characteristics: Edges of our acrylic products are fashioned through laser cutting. As a result, there may be laser markings, which are standard in acrylic production. Any marking from the laser on the edge, less than .1” in depth, falls within our accepted range of product variation.

4. Surface Imperfections: We strive for perfection in each product we craft. However, minor scratches, scuffs, or heat marks on plastics can arise due to the processes of production, printing, stacking, and shipping. Imperfections in the acrylic that are smaller than a nickel’s diameter are not categorized as defects. We make every effort to minimize these through careful handling, but they are inherent risks associated with the nature of our products.

5. Acrylic Material Behavior: Slight bowing in acrylic might emerge during transportation. Acrylic, much like wood, can adapt to changing environmental conditions, and such adjustments in form are a characteristic of the material. If any bowing is observed, gentle pressure can be applied in the opposite direction to guide the material back to its flat position.

6. Color and Shade Variations: We cannot guarantee exact color matches across products due to slight shade variations in the materials and printing processes. The personalized and bespoke nature of our creations means each piece might have slight differences. As reiterated, our allowable cut tolerance is 3/16″ inch. Factors external to our control, including environmental concerns and manufacturer variations, contribute to these minor differences, which are industry-standard in printing and laser cutting.