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Cleaning Acrylic

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When it comes to cleaning your acrylic simpler is better.

Dampen a soft cloth on the corner with around 10 drops of plain water, just enough to wet the writing on the board. Once you have wiped all the writing clean, use a dry cloth to wipe completely clean. Once the board feels dry, wipe in circular motions for another 5 seconds or so just to be sure. {If the wet erase marker gets wet on the tip it won’t write for a couple hours until the tip saturates with ink again.}

Occasionally you will want to give you board a deeper clean than just water. For this exchanging the damp cloth for a Lysol wipe or something similar will work.

Avoid harsh cleaners with alcohols, these products will significantly reduce the life of your acrylic. If you would like to use a cleaner Brillianize is the recommended brand, but is not required.