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How To Clean Acrylic

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When it comes to cleaning your acrylic, simpler is better.

Using a soft cloth, dampen with plain water just enough to wet the board. Then use a separate dry cloth to wipe completely clean. Once the board feels dry, wipe in circular motions for another 5 seconds or so just to be sure.
{Be sure your board is completely dry before trying to write on it again}

If after cleaning you find your marker doesn’t seem to be writing normal, this can happen for two reasons:

1. The tip of the marker came in contact with water (even the smallest amount will change the ink saturation levels in the tip). The solution is to allow your marker to sit upside down with the cap on for a couple hours so the ink can re-saturate the tip.

2. The board has some build up on it. The solution here is clean the board again, but repeating the steps until when you wipe it dry the cloth has no new visible marker residue on it from the board.

Avoid harsh cleaners with alcohols, these products will significantly reduce the life of your acrylic. If you would like to use a cleaner Brillianize is the recommended brand, but is not required.

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