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Custom Images For Letterpress

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Yes! We accept uploaded custom art to offer customers highly personalized products. To ensure the best quality of custom products we can provide, we ask you to please follow these custom art guidelines when submitting your files. Uploading unusable artwork will most likely result in the delay of your order.


  • Be one of the following file formats: AI, EPS, PDF or SVG
  • Be solid, 100% black and white artwork
  • Have any fonts converted to outlines

Art must NOT

  • Be any of following file formats: TIFF, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG or BMP
  • Have any color, shading or grayscale in the artwork
  • Be 3-dimensional art
  • Be a photograph or use a placed graphic
  • Be a hand drawing (unless lines are crisp and clean, such as with a black marker, and the file has been converted to vector art)
  • Have excessive solid foil

We will contact you if changes need to be made and you can either make the necessary modifications yourself, or we can make them for you for an additional fee.

Details May Have Fill Potential
When looking at artwork larger than what the finished printed size will be, it is often not possible to see the problems with complex and detailed artwork. Please look at your artwork carefully to see if small details may blend together, appearing more solid. If this is the case, you should revise the file or accept it “as is” with the risk of fill-in. If you submit artwork that has fill potential you are aware of and would like to move forward with regardless, please add a note in the Special Instructions box that you approve the artwork submitted and understand the fill potential.

Solid Foil May Have Wear Potential
Designs that have overly large areas of solid foil could result in bubbling, flaking or cracking during production. Because of the large concentration of foil over a large surface area, there will also be a risk of the foil rubbing off when wet.