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Acrylic Table Sign Holders, Set of 10 Pieces

(28 customer reviews)


Estimated delivery between Nov 21, 2019 - Dec 2, 2019


This listing is for the stands only. Our bases have slots to hold 3mm or 1/8″ material and are sold in sets of 10 individual pieces.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


28 reviews for Acrylic Table Sign Holders, Set of 10 Pieces

  1. Leigh Gable

    Perfect for table numbers! I love that they’re unfinished so you can stain or paint them whatever color you want. The only downside is some of mine had rough edges in the slot for the card that I needed to sand down before sealing, but for the price you really can’t beat the quality and quick shipping speed!

  2. Grace Vickers

    Fast shipping with tracking emails and everything. I accidentally ordered 6×10 instead of 6 and they’re letting me return the unneeded stands!

  3. Carley

  4. mitrakarami

  5. Jade

    This is exactly what I was looking for. They are sturdy and strong, not cheaply made at all. The piece are perfect for my table signs and I can't wait to have them on display at my wedding!

  6. mchikwaira

    Absolutely perfect. I couldn’t be happier with the service. Highly recommended.

  7. Melanie

    Wish they came painted or colored but now I can paint them any color I want!!! Just as expected thank you

  8. Micah

    Everything came perfectly as expected and even with a couple extra pieces! Can't wait to use these for my wedding table numbers!

  9. Madalena Virbila

  10. Anna Newton

  11. derosehaleigh

    So great! They fit 1/8” thick acrylic pieces perfectly. Sturdy enough for table numbers

  12. amiejayleex3

    The seller ships almost immediately and responds quickly to any questions! Super helpful with any questions I had when ordering.

  13. lindsay bruno

  14. Jenna Deeb

  15. Alyssa Wheeler

    These are great, I did have a few that had some rough edges that needed to be sanded but otherwise great!

  16. Kaitlyn Cherry

  17. Brooklyn Barela

  18. Lisa McGainey

    Arrived in a timely manner and are perfect! Will purchase more!

  19. LaurenSweetSoirees

  20. Cristina Figueroa

  21. Samantha Shatilla

    I thought that the stands would be a little bit bigger & provide a little more of a sturdy base, but nonetheless they will work!

  22. Samantha Shatilla

    Purchased a second pack not realized “set of ten” meant ten pieces which equates to 5 “stands” because you need 2 for a supportive base. Again, wish they were a little bigger/ sturdier, but they will certainly get the job done!

  23. Lucy R

    It isn't very clear what they are selling here. I ordered these thinking I was getting an entire table number stand. There is an unclear explanation about how it's the base only, but the shop could be clearer to avoid confusion. Only unhappy with the product marketing, not the actual product.

  24. Kaitlyn Cherry

  25. Jossalyn Define

  26. Crystal Diane

    These were perfect and exactly what I needed

  27. Laura Jacobson

  28. mitrakarami

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