Custom Acrylic Desk Name Plate Sign

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  1. Jackie verified owner

    Perfectly done. Looks great, as advertised.

  2. Melissa verified owner

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  3. cici wright verified owner

    Was great. The blue film is very hard to take off 😂 but it’s nice thank i

  4. Jordan Wilkerson verified owner

    Great quality and shipped quickly!! Will 100% order again!

  5. Bria Gutierrez verified owner

    Turned out just as expected! The program used to create and send your custom design is easy to use with a lot of choices. I gave this as a gift and the recipient loved it!

  6. Marie Jean verified owner

    great quality and fast delivery

  7. ImmanuelCloset verified owner

    Love it

  8. Randy Jones verified owner

    Perfect! Thank you!

  9. Elise Darr verified owner

    Overall the item wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t as good of quality as I was expecting. The words that were printed on the acrylic were fuzzy and not as sharp as they could’ve been. The clip art that was offered through the vendor was also poor quality and made the item look cheap. Not bad for the the price point, but not as crisp and professional as I would’ve liked.

  10. Cat Sawalski verified owner

    Very easy to use the program and the product turned out great!

  11. Samantha Roman verified owner

    Proudly purchased by a Brazilian ♥️ 🇧🇷

  12. Donna Mills verified owner

    Absoluetly LOVE this item! Matched the description. Met my expectations!

  13. joejoe90 verified owner

    There was a printing error with the first item I received, they replaced and shipped a replacement within days and it was perfect. Exactly what we needed! Thanks!

  14. Victoria verified owner

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  15. Sally-Ann Damato verified owner

    The Recipient loved the gift

  16. Denisse verified owner

    Got these for my team, and they loved it!

  17. Mabel verified owner

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  18. Emily Donaghy verified owner

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  19. Mateo Reyes verified owner

    What a wonderful product! Very easy to customize with a ton of options.

  20. acueryka verified owner

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  21. lawyaz21 verified owner

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  22. Jermaine Griffin verified owner

    Great gift for a coworker. They loved it!

  23. Alexis Kosakavich verified owner

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  24. Nola Rogers verified owner

    I absolutely love it! Thank you!

  25. Joanna Hunt verified owner

    The process they have for creating your own desk name plate is so awesome and fun! They have SO MANY different options to choose from! I really enjoyed creating mine, changing my mind several times on what I wanted it to look like.

  26. Proud Peacock verified owner

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