The Best Acrylic Desk Accessories

I love the clean, modern look of acrylic for a home office. Here are a few of my favorite finds.

Stylish Acrylic Gold Stainless Steel Premium Multipurpose Scissors for Office Home

“I am happy with this product! I received exactly what I ordered. They look nice. The gold finish with the clear handles is fashionable and looks nice with my white desk. I tried them on multiple types of objects, including paper, as well as hair! They worked great on both.” -Amazon Reviewer

Clear Gold Toned Acrylic Stapler

“Great quality, more weight to it than I was expecting. Able to handle more paper than the ones floating around my office that the company buys. Plus let’s be honest it’s super cute.” -Amazon Reviewer

Tape Dispenser for Gift

“I love this tape dispenser! It adds the perfect modern touch to my desk and the part that cuts the tape is very sharp unlike some tape dispensers! I would 100% order again and reccomend it.” -Amazon Reviewer

Desktop File Sorter Holder

“Exactly what I was looking for to organize our homeschooling books on a kitchen table. Sturdy, thick, clear, even has little rubber feet you can stick on so it stays in place.”-Amazon Reviewer

Pencil/Pen Holder

“I’ve been using some sort of thin clear acrylic thing for years on my desk, this is so much better. The old one would tip over at the slightest imbalance. This is stout in a way that my last one wasn’t, probably gonna scoop another for work.” -Amazon Reviewer

Acrylic Rolling Chair

“This is exactly what I was looking for. It fits perfectly under my desk and is very discreet. It is also surprisingly comfortable! I was not expecting it to be. And I love that it has the rollers. Also, WAY easier to put together than I thought! Just make sure to wipe off the silver part that you can see through the seat of the chair very well, i had to go back and take it apart because you could see fingerprints.” -Amazon Reviewer

Computer Monitor Stand Holder

“It was exactly what I was looking for! Great quality; lifted the monitor to a great height and had a nice sleek look.” -Amazon Reviewer

Portable Standing Desk

“Works so well as a standing desk and also a seated desk when I lower it. Installs and uninstalls with little effort in about 5 seconds. The acrylic is high quality but be careful not to scratch it. Love this!” -Amazon Reviewer

Acrylic Double Letter Tray

“Just what I needed. While working from home, I need to make the most of my small desk. I love it, now I don’t have to keep lifting the monitor to turn on my computer it also conceals my keyboard and mouse when I’m not on the computer. It’s a little larger than I thought (I did measure), but I am happy nonetheless. Plus it looks cool!!” -Amazon Reviewer

3 x 3 Crystal Clear Acrylic Notepad Holder W/O Pads – Sticky Notes Holder

“Gorgeous addition to my house work station. I have had to become creative with office supplies. This is how I tie it into my home decor. I call it home schooling, work from home decor revamp.” -Amazon Reviewer

Stackable Drawer Organizer for Home Office

“Perfect for corralling clutter in your office. Very attractive to leave sitting on your desk. They stack well and the trays stay in place.” -Amazon Reviewer

3-Drawer Organizer

“I’ve been looking for a nice little drawer compartment to hold tiny supplies I need for my little business, and this was perfect! If you need something small to hold markers, stamps, buttons, needles, thread, or even makeup, I’d suggest this!! Plus the colors are great!” -Amazon Reviewer

Clear Phone Stand for Desk

“I love this item. It’s stylish. Heavy duty for The material that was used. It’s exactly what I was looking to purchase.” -Amazon Reviewer

360° Rotating Organizer

“…I really needed something to hold it all, and this did it. I’m very very happy with this. It helped get rid of SO MUCH CLUTTER. Pleasantly surprised at how much it held for me. Easy to assemble and inexpensive” -Amazon Reviewer

Clear Acrylic Shelf 15″ Invisible Floating Wall Ledge Bookshelf

“Needed shelves in the kitchen and bathroom but wanted decor to match either room – solution = clear shelves! These were easy to install but would be easier using a drill. For light items like sponges and brushes.” -Amazon Reviewer

3 Steps Acrylic Riser Display Stand Shelf

“…Shelves are crystal clear and came without a scratch (ships with protective film). Easily to put together and hex keys included…Feels sturdy like it won’t flex underweight, but can slide around a bit easily. No biggie. It also came with a cleaning cloth and adhesive dots to help keep your stuff on it. Highly recommend!” -Amazon Reviewer

2 Sets Acrylic Display Risers Stand

“I have been using the same set of these for the past three years…and they never falter. They’re really sturdy and have a good weight to them. I often stack them on top of each other/use them in conjunction with other sets to create various heights around my display. They really are great.” -Amazon Reviewer

2 Pack Acrylic Risers Display Display Or Collections

“These stands were amazing!…I love how easy it was to assemble and that it came with a mini screwdriver to make the assembly as easy as possible!” -Amazon Reviewer

Modern Acrylic Rectangular Trays

“This is a great tray that sits perfectly on my acrylic table. The tray is supplied with stick on table protectors so it won’t scratch the surface it is placed on.” -Amazon Reviewer

4×4 Picture Frames Acrylic 3pcs, Clear Photo Frames

“What a great product, especially for the value! I got this as a gift for my husband. It was so easy to set up and looks great for his office. It holds together beautifully and looks great! I especially love that you can put pictures looking out each side!” -Amazon Reviewer

Dazzling Displays Book Easel 8.5 by 11 Slant Back with Lip Paper Stand, Clear Tablet Holder, Thick Acrylic Stand

“For hands free video viewing on tablets and phones. Sturdy lucite great for daily use for all ages.” Amazon Reviewer