Tips for Choosing Wedding Favors Your Guests Will (Actually) Want

Wedding favors are a traditional way to spice up wedding celebrations. They’re a gift given by the couple to all the wedding guests as a token of appreciation for being a part of their big day.

Gone are the days when the lucky couple appreciated their guest’s presence on the wedding day by mailing them a thank you card. Wedding favors are now being added to every wedding preparation list and budget.

Why Choose to Provide Wedding Favors?

Wedding favors add a thoughtful personal touch to your wedding.

Contrary to popular opinion, wedding favors are mostly inexpensive. As long as you factor the cost in your wedding budget, you’ll hardly have to make allowances or break the bank.

Wedding favors usually hold a special meaning to the newly weds. They can be something concrete that reminds the guests of the beautiful union they witnessed on the wedding day or something edible like cookies or cakes they can enjoy right away.

How To Choose Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Want

Finalizing items for wedding preparation is not for the weak. Wedding favors are no exceptions. Wedding favors do not come with specific guidelines. It can be quite a task to find the ones that will gain the appreciation of wedding guests.

How do you ensure the wedding favors, which you spent days finalizing and curating, do not end up in the trash? For starters, consider these factors:


The theme of your wedding does not just apply to the decoration, music, and seating. You also have to make sure it applies to smaller items on your list, like wedding favors.

Wedding favors differ from theme to theme. If the theme of your wedding weighs heavy on the modern touch, make sure you don’t include a jar of honey as a wedding favor as you would in a rustic-themed wedding.


Budget plays a key role in all wedding preparations. Take into consideration the number of people attending your wedding and the budget allowances you can make for this specific task on your wedding list.

If you have a few guests to share the magical experience with, you can afford high ticket items and personalized tote bags. If you have a lot of wedding guests, you can opt for something affordable. It’s the thought that counts.


Once you’ve finalized your wedding gift, purchase and use the product yourself. If you like it, then go ahead and place a bulk order. Do not make the mistake of spending a ton on gifts that you end up disliking.


If you have time on your hands and a steady budget, you can choose to personalize the wedding favors.

Personalizing has become a trend in today’s weddings. You can choose to give your guests something that holds a special value to you as a couple.

It can be a photo frame with the couple’s initials, resin art, or even a bookmark! Personalization will act as a reminder of your wedding day in the minds of your wedding guests for years to come.

But do not go ahead and slap your wedding pictures on gifts. A sweet thank you message works better.


You’re spending a good amount of money on wedding favors. Why not make sure they’re useful to the guests? Isn’t that the whole point of it?

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes. What is something they can use for a long, long time? Include photo frames, personalized tote bags, candles, coasters, wine openers, or other thoughtful items.

Whatever wedding favor you choose, big or small, make sure you present it well. Most guests are tempted to take their wedding favors along with them when the presentation is beautiful.

Weddings are meant to be memorable affairs. Choose a wedding favor for your guests that will remain as a souvenir of those memories.

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