Can a Vision Board be Just Words?

Absolutely! From my experience, a vision board can be just words.  Sometimes it’s much easier to get one created using just words than trying to find images that match your desires and there’s a lot to be said for getting it completed.

What Should a Word-Based Vision Board Include?

There are some general vision board guidelines that should be followed, even if you only use words. Have a good idea of your goals, show gratitude, be specific and positive in your approach. Just like a vision board that includes images, a nice variety of words depicting something specific you desire along with quotes that inspire will give you both clarity and motivation. Clarity and motivation are equally important to achieving your goals.

And don’t forget about numbers!  Is there an amount of money you’d like to earn or save?  If you have a business, is there a specific number of sales you’d like to get? Adding a specific number to your goals makes them more specific and more powerful.

What Else Could I Include in My Vision Board?

  • Leave a section blank so you can add to it when something new comes up.
  • Names of people that inspire you.
  • Write short notes to your future self.

Final Notes

While it’s fine to create a vision board that consists only of words, visualization is an important part of the process that should not be overlooked.  If you want to create a vision board that only includes words, you must ask yourself, “Are you able to easily visualize having your desires met?”  If not, you may want to consider adding images to help with the visualization. 

We love our clear acrylic boards for creating vision boards.  You can either stick things to it or write on it with ease using our markers which come in a variety of colors.  You can also use motivational cards or vision board kits to make creating your own even more inspiring.