At 1801andCo We craft inspiring, easily personalized decor to help you stay organized, express yourself, and make more time for the things (and people!) you love.

We’re a family-owned and operated printing studio offering full-service printing and laser cutting for your home decor, wedding, and event needs—with a focus on acrylic goods. All our items are designed and created right here at our facility in Minneapolis, MN, where we craft beautiful pieces for your special events, both big and small.

Every day, we put everything we have into providing the best products and service for our customers. We also continuously give back to support life-saving causes - including St. Jude, Water.org, and the Alzheimer’s Association - and help local families in need.

We’re Proud to Be:

  • Female Founded
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • 100% Designed & Manufactured in the USA
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Our Values

We’re a family built on simple principles. Every day, we apply these values to each challenge we face and relationship we build:

Quality - Our items are built to last with quality craftsmanship—100% designed and manufactured in the USA.
Kindness - We make ethically sourced, sustainable decor to delight our customers and give back to great causes.
Inspiration - Our products can be easily personalized to match your unique style, bringing beauty and utility to your space.
Organization - We’re here to help you build organized, purposeful surroundings to shorten your workday and make the best use of your time.
Service - Our family’s always here for you—whether that’s installation support, finding the right items, or just exploring different styles!

Our Story

Bachelorette parties, memes, and cake toppers: our story’s a bit wild! So let’s start with the name. Our daughter was born on the 18th and our son on the 1st of a month, hence the 1801. It’s a symbol that we are and always will be a family-oriented company at heart.

The “& Co.” is our thank you to all the people who've helped support our company over the years. (Our family works alongside a handful of staff that mean the world to us.)

It all started where most awesome things do: Etsy. In 2016, we opened an Etsy shop making small paper goods for parties, like cake toppers and confetti. In a stroke of fortune, a famous lifestyle blogger bought one of our party banners for her beautifully styled bachelorette party—and posted a professional photo with it in the background. The banner was uniquely risqué, so the picture became an internet meme... sporting our company name!

In the following few months, we earned more sales than ever before, and banded together as a family to make this business into more than just a hobby. We purchased larger machines to expand our inventory and moved from a tiny 10'x10' area in our basement to our large garage outside. Two years later, we moved again to our current location: a 5,000 square foot production facility here in Minneapolis, MN.

In 2019, we rebranded from Paper Supply Station to 1801 & Co. And despite the name change, we never lost sight of our mission: creating beautiful, thoughtful pieces for life’s big milestones, small moments, and everything between.

Thanks for exploring this part of our family’s story—and happy shopping!

♡Amanda + Chris


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