Creating a Vision Board for 2021

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual representation of what you’d like to attract into your life. In their simplest form, they are usually done on poster board with magazine clippings of words and images that represent your desires but may also be done with post-it notes, your own artwork, cork boards, or even digitally using Canva or Trello.  Their purpose is to motivate and inspire you.  Use whatever medium you resonate with to create your vision board.  I personally prefer to do them on a blank acrylic board because the act of physically creating with my hands creates a deeper connection for me plus they are easy to move without concern of getting damaged and they can be attractively displayed as well.

Why are Vision Boards Important?

Vision boards create a space where you can focus and gain clarity around what you really want to attract more of into your life.  Adding a visual piece to the process increases the likelihood you’ll be able to achieve those dreams.  They allow your imagination to flow freely…where there are no limits or boundaries to what is possible for you. There are absolutely no rules.

Have a vision. It is the ability to see the invisible. If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible.

– Shiv Khera

The Basics

To get started, you’ll need:

  1. A board. While there are plenty of digital board options, have a physical board in front of you is important for a few reasons. Instead of being an app or browser window you can close and forget about, have a board in front of you is daily confirmation and a reminder of the goals you are working towards.
  2. An adhesive such as decorative washi tape (I also like this dot washi tape and this Erin Condren Designer Washi Tape Duo and this Decorative Washi Tape Set) or double-sided tape.
  3. A few magazines that inspire you.
  4. A window of time with no interruptions.  You can break your time up into smaller chunks but no interruptions is really helpful to the process.
  5. A relaxing environment to create in. Consider natural lighting or candles, your favorite calming music, no distractions, etc.

Option:  Computer and printer.  If available, you can find images online or even create inspirational phrases that are very personalized for your goals.

Life Categories to Consider

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Career
  • Spirituality
  • Family
  • Knowledge
  • Travel

Reflection Suggestions

  • What’s gone really well in the past year or so that you’d like to continue to build on?
  • What didn’t go so well in the past year or so and how do you wish it had been different?
  • What did you hope to achieve but haven’t?

Most importantly, be sure to consider your feelings, desires, emotions that come up, as well as focusing on your goals.  The emotions and feelings are crucial to getting you the results you desire.  If you want a new car, for example, focus on what you believe that car will give you.  Ask yourself, if I had that new car, my life would be better because I would have…

Also, be mindful of areas you get really excited about as these are likely extra important and may be areas that provide overall motivation to keep moving forward.

Don’t rush this part of the process.  It will create a solid foundation for your vision board.  If you are feeling stuck, browsing through a couple of magazines and pulling out images/sayings that feel good to you first without thinking about your goals can help.  Once you’ve collected these, spread them out and look at them.  Is there a theme?  You may be surprised by what you see when you allowed your subconscious to do the selection for you. 

Mistakes to Avoid

The best vision boards are ones you can see regularly to help maintain your focus, feel inspirational vs heavy, and focus on the way you want to feel in your life. 

  • Don’t create this somewhere you’ll never see it.
  • Don’t let it feel like a chore.
  • Don’t use images or phrases that aren’t inspiring.
  • Don’t focus on “what” you want and forget about how you want to feel.
  • And don’t forget to have fun.

You’ve Created the Vision Board…What’s Next?

Choose something from your vision board to get started with.  This might be something you know you can do with relative ease.  Choosing something like this can give you the fuel to get started AND keep going. 

Once you’ve selected something, it’s time to break it down into SMART goals.  SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based (have a deadline). 

With your vision board and SMART goals, you are on your way to a happy and fulfilling life. 

Those who use visualization in their goal setting are almost twice as likely as someone who doesn’t use visualization to achieve their desires.

Additional Thoughts

Vision boards are not just for you. 

  • They can be a wonderful family activity.  Consider doing one together with your significant other, encouraging your children to create their own, and doing one for the family. 
  • They make a great activity to do with your friends.

Have fun!

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