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Removing The Protective Film From Acrylic

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The protective film is a thin sticker-like material there to prevent scratches, fingerprints, and dust from collecting on your sign.

The film on our acrylic is generally clear, however occasionally it can appear blue, white/cloudy or brown.

We recommend removing it just before you are ready to use your acrylic item. To remove, start in a corner or along the edge with your fingernail until you get enough of the film ruffled to grab and pull the film off the front of your acrylic.  Sometimes it can be difficult to get started but once you get enough to grab it will just peel right off. Sometimes a tweezers can also be helpful, but just be a little more gentle if using this tool.

Remember, once your film is removed only use plain water or acrylic cleaner on the acrylic, never use harsh cleaners. The specific acrylic cleaner is not required but if it is an item that will be handled often it is helpful.

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