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Marker Recommendations for Acrylic Boards

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There are 3 types of erasable markers you will find. Here are the pros and cons to each:


• Wet Erase Markers •

Pros: Dark writing, colors pop, writes very clean, easier to find in fine tip options.

Cons: Require being wet down to be erased, can only be used on light colored or clear acrylic.


• Dry Erase Markers •

Pros: Easily erased with a dry cloth, easy to find.

Cons: Can be very transparent and hard to read, especially on clear acrylic. Only works on light colored acrylic, not recommended for dark-colored acrylic or clear acrylic.



• Chalk Markers •

Pros: Lots of colors available including bold vibrant colors, neon, metallic etc. Can be used on any color acrylic.

Cons: Can be messy, dries out easily, usually only found in very thick marker tip options.


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We guarantee our markers will wipe clean from our boards every time. We do not recommend using other brand markers with our boards, and we cannot guarantee the quality of ink or ability to erase in other brands. Using another brand marker is done at your own risk.