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Marker Recommendations for Acrylic Boards

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The most important thing when looking for markers is to make sure they are advertised as being erasable. There are 3 types of erasable markers you will find. Here are the pros and cons to each:


• Wet Erase Markers •

Pros: Dark writing, colors pop, writes very clean, easier to find in fine tip options.

Cons: Require being wet down to be erased, can only be used on light colored or clear acrylic.


• Dry Erase Markers •

Pros: Easily erased with a dry cloth, easy to find.

Cons: Can be very transparent and hard to read, especially on clear acrylic. Only works on light colored acrylic, not recommended for dark colored acrylic or clear acrylic.


• Chalk Markers •

Pros: Lots of colors available including bold vibrant colors, neon, metallic etc. Can be used on any color acrylic.

Cons: Can be messy, dries out easily, usually only found in very thick marker tip options.


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