Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

A well-organized, clean work area can improve not just your productivity but also your mood and motivation. A cluttered space can create feelings of anxiety to the point it becomes difficult to work. To prevent clutter from becoming an issue for you, it helps to put in place organizational systems. Everything in its perfect place will ensure you’re ready to tackle any task or project that comes your way.

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and organize your home office, you’re probably wondering what is the best way to get started. The truth is there isn’t just one way to go about it, but there are some tips that will guarantee success. Here are some ideas to eliminate the chaos and create an office that you truly love.

Dealing with Clutter

As more and more of us work from home, the office can become a dumping ground for everything from the mail to the kids’ toys. While storage and organization are crucial to every room in the house, it’s no exaggeration to say that an unorganized home office can lead to challenges that extend far beyond the room itself. After all, it’s hard to focus on work when you can’t find the papers you need, or when you have to move the vacuum out of the way to get to your desk. So, how do you make the most of the space you’re working with, and get organized so you can stop worrying about clutter and start enjoying the room?

If clutter is a challenge for you, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Clear out one drawer in your filing cabinet or desk
  • Clear your desktop
  • Make a pile for keep/file, toss, or recycle and begin going through your papers
  • Get an organizer for your cables

Creating a Space that’s Functional

Whether you work from home or simply need a place where you can get some work done, your home office can be a mess. Between getting the kids off to school, making lunches, and running to the store, you can get a lot done in a day, but the last thing you want to think about is cleaning up a mess of papers and bills. By planning ahead, you can make your home office organized and functional.

To create a space that’s functional consider accessorizing with some of these types of products.

Desk Accessories

Consider the items you use at your desk most often.  Do these have a home that makes sense?  Are they easy to access while still keeping your space neat and tidy?

Shelving or Cube Storage

Do you have books, binders or similar items that would fit well and be accessible on a shelf or in cube storage system?  What I love about the cube storage is the ability to essentially have both drawers and shelves in one unit and they don’t have to take up very much room at all.  I have one under my desk that’s tucked away and holds extra supplies and electronic accessories I don’t need access to all the time.

Wall Calendar

What better way to keep your office and your life organized with a wall calendar you can easily view but doesn’t take up any space on your desk!

Creating a Space You Love

If you love your office, you’ll be more likely to keep it neat and organized so fill it with things that inspire you and make you smile.

Beautiful Things

Plants, amazing art, even a really special pen (I think everyone should have a pen they absolutely love) can make your office a space you will love to spend time in.  Pick out a few key pieces to includes in your space that make you happy.


Lastly, consider adding inspirational art, really great books, or fun notepads with inspirational sayings to your office so everywhere you look you feel motivated and inspired.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t hard once you dive into the process but it does take time.  Give yourself some space to go through the steps and you’ll have an office you truly love that keeps you productive, motivates, and inspires you before you know it.