Installing Your Acrylic Board

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What you’ll need:

      Power Drill with 3/16th Bit

      Standard Size #2 Phillips Screwdriver

      Pencil or Pen

1. Using your board, find the area on your wall you would like to display. Once placed used the holes in the board where the hardware will go to mark your wall.

2. Using the power drill with 3/16th bit, drill a hole into each mark made in the previous step.

3. Carefully push the white anchor into each of the holes.

4. Unpack your 4 standoffs. Each standoff is made of two pieces , unscrew them from each other.

5. Slip the screw into the base (female) portion of the standoff as shown in the photo above.

6. Using your screwdriver, install each screw into each anchor so the base of the standoff is now installed on the wall. During this process be very careful not to damage the threads on the inside of the standoff base. Continue installing the remainder of the standoffs.

7. Remove the protective film from your acrylic. Click Here if you’d like to watch a video on removing the film.

8. Now your board is ready for the final step. Align the acrylic board with standoff bases you previous installed. Screw the top (male) piece of each standoff through the acrylic and into the base (female) of the standoffs.

Now your board is ready to use! Check out these pages for Marker Recommendations and Cleaning Tips